Sunday, July 28, 2013


 “Where do you get your inspiration from?” This is one seriously loaded question—and people ask it all the time. It’s easy to ask, but it could take days to answer fully. Where does my inspiration come from? I’m inspired by faith, love, hope, fear, desire, and every other emotion I come to feel. I’m inspired by nearly everything that my eyes can see and that my brain can comprehend. Inspiration is all around me, whether I choose to recognize it or not.

Nature inspires me. Inspiration is in the warmth of the summer sun; in the wind that carries a cluster of leaves in the fall, in the unique formation of every snowflake that makes its descent from the sky in the winter, and in every flower that blooms in the spring. Nature is such an incredible source of inspiration—because I can’t begin to understand the intricacy of each little part, working together to make the incredible world we live in.

People inspire me. The knowledge, creativity, and persistence that goes into every new man-made creation, every technological advance, and every scientific breakthrough, can become a basis for inspiration. Take Video Chat for example. What in the world? I’m here, you’re there…but somehow we can see and hear each other like we are talking face to face. When I really think about how amazing this is—it blows my mind!

When I see what’s around me, and what others are doing, I realize that there are no limitations to the music that I can create.

For a moment, take a step back and think of all the “little things” that are around you every day. There is so much around us that we tend to mindlessly accept—but really thinking can make us realize how amazing life really is! 

Inspiration is everything. Inspiration is you. 


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  1. Very inspirational! Technology has developed so much.